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Maltese Poodles and Maltese Shihtzu are first generation. Maltese or Shihtzu Females are Breeded to smaller Poodle males. We call them Maltipoo or Shihtzupoo.

No line breeding all are outcrossed makes a healthier line. Also have good Maltese and sometimes Poodles.

They have hair not fur. Hypoallergenic, good for people with pet allergies. They are mellow, smart easy to train and they leave her paper trained at age 8. weeks to 10 weeks old. Great for all family & loves kids and other dogs and get along with cats.

We sell t-cups and small toys adults usually weigh under 10 lbs aprox 6 to 9 lbs. Some smaller others larger. Great mixed blended colors some are white white /tan, tri colored, black and most turn silver.

Furnish shot records up to date and record of being wormed. Also send out feeding instructions and sample food to start them off in new family home Offer written instructions in further training to go out side.

We give a health written guarantee against defects and available to answer any questions. Feel free to call if necessary. I have almost 50 years experience in health care of pups.

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Morki (Maltese/Yorkie)
Maltese-West Highland Terrier
Apricot Maltese Poodles